Why are we here?

We aim to make education and knowledge about anything easy to access and Decentralized

We are people who realize that the productive period does not start when we are adults and ready to work. The activities we do since school age is the most productive period. Here we are aware that this productive period can be converted into certain commercial values starting from daily activities by presenting a platform that can be used functionally and gives everyone broad access to digital assets.

Our Benefits?

Why Choose Crypten’s Trading Platform?

Super Apps to manage your team administration

Stop wasting time creating work Productivity reports. Do Your Work and Be Consistent with the liner. We will make a report as soon as someone requests it.

With a Lingker All the tasks assigned and completed will be very meaningful for the team and yourself.

Don't worry, Lingker is provided attendance and productivity report of your self or your team everytime you requested.

What problem do we want to solve?

Problems In Global Issue And Our Solutions


Many Apps
To Manage

Managing team, attendance, student assignments, worker assignments, assessing work results and getting reports as quickly as when ordered are things that cannot be done at this time. need multiple tools to manage many different teams either divisions in the company or classes at school



Many applications are used, however they only provided the connectivity requirements. The formal report for attendance and productivity have not been provided.



Points, congratulations, certificates of appreciation, these are things we usually get if we succeed in doing a job, or a test question at school, there is no clear calculation in this system, where the time that has been spent should be more valuable than wages or nominal value on a diploma or certificate of appreciation.


Super Apps

One apps to manage your administration team, Management Task for School and company with instant scoring and point sistem, Attendance with location based and photo, Announcement with instant feedback and Easy to access the important information



All productivity reports are ready to be generated, Know faster which team members need more help and attention and which ones need to be rewarded.


Crypto Reward
and NFT

Get Crypto and or NFT for your achievement, with full liquidity when you need some fund.

Roadmap forecast

Our Roadmap forecast

2020 - Q1
  • Idea Validation
  • Research
  • Defining priority feature
2020 - Q2
  • Bisnis model
  • UI/UX Design
  • Perencanaan Software Architectural
2020 Q3

Ios and Android Development start.

2021 - Q2
Smart Contract
  • IOS Development & final test.
2021 - Q1
Company Legal

Company establishment
PT Lingker Indonesia Digital.

2020 - Q4
App Beta Test
  • Task management feature #1 Phase
  • Increase UI/UX
  • Beta version tested for public
2021 - Q3

Designing Smart Contracts running on the Binance Smart Chain for Investors.

Build the community.

2021 - Q4
Token Presale
  • Release Smart Contract.
  • Token Presale.
  • PancakeSwap Listing.
  • Release IOS Version.
2022 - Q1 & Q2
Premium User App
  • CoinGecko Listing.
  • CoinMarketCab Listing.
  • User can upgrade their account in app to access limited feature.
  • up to 20% fund from Upgrade user will use for BuyBack Token every month.
What next?
Make sure you are with us at this stage, digital signature, document authenticity validation, Lingker MetaVerse and IPO for the next 5 years will in our path.