Privacy Policy



This privacy policy will tell how PT Lingker Indonesia Digital manages and maintains data owned by customers of the Lingker application mobile service.




Lingker is an application to manage your team starting from attendance, making announcements, distribution of tasks, etc. owned and operated by PT. Digital Indonesia Lingker.


  1. Mobile apps is an android-based Lingker application that can be downloaded on the Play Store
  2. Customer is a part that consists of but is not limited to admins and users on the Linker service.
  3. User is a user of the Lingker mobile apps service.
  4. Personal Information is information about customers that can be identified and collected through mobile apps.


Data Management


PT Lingker Indonesia Digital stores and manages various types of customer information but is not limited to user data and user attendance data. Customer data is not misused by PT Lingker Indonesia Digital, unless specified by the Lingker service customer. PT Lingker Indonesia Digital through Lingker manages the data that customers provide for their purposes;


  1. Manage attendance data
  2. Managing announcements
  3. Managing tasks
  4. Managing members


The location and photo of your absence will be uploaded on our server with the domain The location is stored and encrypted securely. We will not provide or disseminate any data to anyone for any purpose.


Enforce terms and conditions


Lingker guarantees that there will be no sale, transfer, distribution or lending of Customer's personal information/data to other third parties, without the permission of the Customer. Except if Linker is obliged to disclose and/or share Customer's personal data in an effort to comply with applicable legal obligations.


Mobile Apps


When users use mobile apps via mobile phones, PT Lingker Indonesia Digital will track and collect real-time information about the user's location. PT Lingker Indonesia Digital uses this information to enter that data into its system. Users can turn off tracking information on their devices when not using mobile apps. The user's mobile device will notify the user to turn on tracking information when the user wants to perform attendance activities on the Lingker mobile apps.


Cache Usage


Cache is a standard technology used to store small pieces of information on a Customer's hard drive for the LINGKER  mobile application. Most mobile applications automatically store cache, unless the Customer has configured the mobile application not to accept.


Miscellaneous Terms


From time to time, Lingker may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in laws, Personal Data collection and use practices, mobile app features, or advances in technology at PT Lingker Indonesia Digital. If PT Lingker Indonesia Digital makes revisions that change the way PT Lingker Indonesia Digital collects or uses Customer Personal Data, those changes will be posted in this Privacy Policy link and the effective date will be noted at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. Therefore, the Customer must review this Privacy Policy periodically so that the Customer always gets the latest information on the latest policies that are currently in force. The entry into force of a revised policy change will take effect actively from the date of the announcement made by PT Lingker Indonesia Digital.


If there is a difference in the interpretation of language in this privacy policy, the terms and conditions of the Indonesian language version will apply.


By using Linker, Customer acknowledges that Customer has read, understood, and agreed to this Privacy Policy.


Regarding communications regarding this privacy policy, please contact PT Lingker Indonesia Digital at:


Email : [email protected]